We Love Our Volunteers!

Our volunteers make the Geneva Film Festival possible! We’re always looking for dedicated film-lovers to join our team and help with the following:

Marketing & Public Relations

Help us get the word out! We have a wide range of marketing campaigns including social media, writing press releases and contacting local media and press, email marketing, passing out postcards and flyers around town, word of mouth, cross promoting and networking with local artist and community groups-- we'd love to hear your creative ideas!


Help us secure sponsors for our event! Sponsorship from our community is vital to the success of the Festival. You'll help with outreach to new and past sponsors and coordinate details of sponsorship agreements and fulfillment.

Festival Logistics and Setup

Help us roll out the red carpet! You'll assist with planning and coordinating logistics and setup details for the festival.  We'll need you on the scene for some hands-on setup of seating, signage,

University Liaison

Help us stay connected with local film programs at area universities and colleges. Act as a liaison to keep students and instructors involved in our events.

Graphic Design

Help us with graphics for print, web, and beyond.  This may include program design, flyer design, poster design, social media and website graphics.


Help us stay on budget! Keep detailed records of expenses and income from our events.

Festival Set Up

Set up will include setting up screens and projectors in the screening rooms, setting up chairs and decorating the screening rooms, and making attendees feel welcome at the entryways.


Oversee food and beverage sales (you can’t have a film festival without popcorn!) and make sure attendees are comfortable.

Ticket Sales

Sell tickets and festival passes to attendees as they arrive. Ticket sales will be either in cash or through an online mobile payment system.

Ticket Takers

Greet attendees as they enter screening rooms and take tickets before the screen goes up.


Projectionists will enjoy an entire a block of films and ensure that the picture and sound quality are the best they can be for the attendees.

Perks of being a Geneva Film Festival Volunteer

  • Free ticket to one block of films
  • Free GFF T-shirt if you cover three or more shifts
  • Access to “The Green Room” to meet film makers, see what happens behind the scenes
  • Invitation to the “Wrap Party” where we celebrate the fest’s success and call it a wrap

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